Waxing nostalgic for an old-fashioned apparatus I once hated

The king-sized, extra-thick mattress pad never gets completely dry in the clothes dryer, and I inevitably put it back on the bed in a slightly damp condition, hoping my Beloved won’t notice.

But not yesterday.

Yesterday, I hung it out to dry.

The summer sun was blazing, and the heat was the perfect foil for my laundered but slightly damp mattress pad. I haven’t wished to have a clothes line in, well, I’ve never wished for a clothes line, but one sure would have been handy yesterday. I settled for the deck chairs.

The backyard in the house where I grew up had a multi-lined implement that I damned every time Dad made me mow the lawn because the twine was exactly the same height as my neck. Our laundry room was in the basement, so hanging the clothes outside required lugging heavy, wet laundry up a flight of steps.

I was in charge of laundry beginning at age 11 or 12, and I quickly learned to stuff wet clothing into the dryer before Mom could tell me to hang it on the clothes line. Failing that, the clothes got hung on lines in the basement laundry room.

But Mom had a point, at least about bedding: Sheets dried on a clothes line outside smell so good! Crisp, line-dried sheets define good bedding.

Then today I heard on a rerun of the Nate Berkus show that the clothes dryer is second only to the refrigerator when it comes to household appliances sucking down electricity. So the clothes line is a green, too.

I’m tempted to install a clothes line in the back yard. Is my nostalgia crazy?

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