Countdown to mortification begins

Have I mentioned Mortified: Angst Written? Yes, I know I have. It’s the live diary reading thingy whatsy? A grassroots storytelling forum for adults to share excerpts of the strange and embarrassing things they did as kids as a way to reveal stories about their lives? Yes, that thingy.

The date’s set, and I’m performing Aug. 2 at Mayne Stage, 1328 W. Morse Ave., Chicago. Tickets sell out fast, I’m told, so if you want to see this amazing aberration, order now. (Here’s the link to the Facebook invitation so you can wedge it in your busy schedule.)

As I was pondering this entry, I was going to make a joke about it being the first time taking the stage since I was a talking donkey in high school (yes, I did), but I realized, whoa, I spend a lot of time on stages, actually (and not always as an ass).

I spoke to thousands (yes, really, thousands is not an exaggeration — scrapbooking supplies were very popular back then) when I introduced new products as a Creative Memories marketer, and I frequently emcee’d Homemade Gourmet conventions. More recently, I’ve appeared in dozens of library conference rooms talking about the ABCs of Photo Organization (still taking dates for that talk, by the way), so the fact is: I’m a bit of a ham.

See for yourself Aug. 2.



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