Done is better than perfect

I ran today. It was short. I wasn’t fast. I should have gotten sweatier. Instead, I perspired enough to require a shower, but not enough to really feel like I accomplished anything.

I couldn’t run this morning because heavy rain was falling at 6 a.m. So I made coffee and “wrote” (really, I reread what I’d written on my work-in-progress last week, tweaking a few words). By the time my cup was empty, it was time to turn to work.

When the clock struck 2, I’d had enough with proofing and writing catalog copy and reviewing contracts. My stomach was just the right amount of empty without growling yet for the next meal.

So I ran. In the middle of the afternoon. Under gray skies.

Slowly. A couple of walking intervals. Thirty minutes.

It wasn’t pretty but I did it.

“Every day that I run, I’ve won over my bad side, the side that says, ‘Skip it.'”

~ Chris Herren in next month’s Runner’s World


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