How to make rhubarb crisp even better (and I’m not talking about more butter)

Remember this?

rhubarb 2012.5.4

This was the rhubarb plant we added to our garden two years ago (when we did our spring planting on April 23! Yes! It was May 26 this year). At this point, two weeks after planting, I thought for sure it was dead.

But no. In the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm, “I’m simply saying life, uh … finds a way.”

Unlike the life in Jurassic Park, however, our creation did not grow up to eviscerate us and devour our innards. In fact, we’re eating it. It took two years, but look what I harvested from the rhubarb plant today:

rhubarb harvest

Amazing, I know! And for what? Rhubarb crisp, of course. What else can you make with rhubarb? Oh, yeah. Pie. But we didn’t make pie. And we didn’t make just any crisp either. We made Rumchata Rhubarb Crisp (thank you, Dairy Carrie!) Familiar with Rumchata? It’s delicious and sweet and creamy and alcoholic! I trust most of the alcohol cooks off, but who knows and who cares? I had you at “sweet and creamy,” right?

Well, we eat sweets for dessert here at Minnesota Transplant, so allow me to share what we ate for our vegetable at dinner tonight:

chive flowers 14

Yes, chive flower salads. Chive flowers: Look like prom corsages. Taste like onions. (Better than the other way around.)

chive flower salad

Delicious. Really. Not just for a salad.

And now, you’ve earned dessert. And so have I.

rhubarb crisp

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