Summer clothes in this house mean neckties

Clothes make the man. Or perhaps it’s better said that clothes make the boy a man.

We shopped today for a black belt, dress oxfords, pinpoint shirts and, lo and behold, we found a smokin’ deal on a suit, so we bought a suit, too.

Not for me. For my Adored stepson.

He finished his first year of college today (he’s got enough credits to be a junior, now because he accomplished his first year while still in high school and living at home with his mom so this past year was technically his second year). His last test this semester was a take-home math problem, and it was a doozy, filled with xs, ys and zs. It had something to do with linear programming and matrices, which is way above my pay grade; it practically required a degree in Excel spreadsheets. In any case, it was emailed to the professor by deadline, and he’s done, done, done, ready for summer break.

We’re ready to welcome him home for summer break, too. He’s going to try his hand at selling. His father, my Beloved, is the consummate salesman. I’d suggest he could sell ice to Eskimos, but he’s actually said he’s better than that. It’s not just arrogant storytelling. He sells an expensive abstract product to skeptical businessmen: Commercial insurance. And he does pretty well.

This summer, he’s going to attempt to show Adored stepson how to be a successful salesperson, too, and the lessons begin next week with cold calls.

Baptism by fire.

In any case, stepson needs to look the part, and in the insurance world that means ties, navy suit jackets, sharply creased pants and shoes polished to a mirror lustre.

Since the 19-year-old didn’t have a lot in the way of professional wear, a bit of shopping was in order. A number of pieces were found on eBay, my Beloved’s outlet of choice, but we needed a few finishing touches, so we invested in those today.

Ah, when Adored stepson sauntered out of the dressing room in his suit jacket, oh, he looked so handsome! I’d buy some property coverage or worker’s comp from him.

I’d prove it, but I’m not allowed to post any pictures, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Clothes do make the man.

2 responses to “Summer clothes in this house mean neckties

  1. Whatever he does in life after this, he’s going to remember this summer as a time of learning some of the most valuable skills ever. Good luck to both the men in your life!

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