Sometimes I imagine I can float when I’m going down the stairs. I’m talking about the kind of stairs that pile up on each other, like the stairwell in a multi-story hotel. If I’m not holding anything, I can hang on to the rails and use momentum around the corners. If I concentrate on feeling lighter than air, I can skip more and more steps until I feel like gravity has no power anymore.

I felt a little like than today when I was running downhill. That extra inch or two between where my brain imagined the ground to be under my next footfall and where it actually was felt like flying. I was lighter than air for a fraction of a second on every step down the hill.

You can’t imagine you’re flying on a treadmill. There’s no downhill! And for the first time in, well, it seems like two winters, I ran outside this afternoon. I think it was the downhills that made me feel like I was floating.

But maybe it was spring.


One response to “Flight

  1. Me too! I always imagine myself floating in the air whenever I’m all stressed up.

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