Crystal landscapes

When I woke up yesterday, it was 60something degrees and I luxuriated in a 60-minute run wearing a tank top and shorts. When I went to sleep, I turned on my heated mattress pad and tucked my sweet little dog under the covers.

crystal 1

Nothing like a sunny beach to attract a crowd.

Yesterday was the last day of vacation, and in the space of a few hours I traded the crystal sands of Clearwater Beach for the crystal snow of Harmony Road.

The sun sets on a snowy field whizzing by my car window.

The sun sets on a snowy field whizzing by my car window.

It was a glorious few days away, and I don’t want to rub it in to those of you who endured more sub-zero temps and snow flurries.

Despite Florida’s lovely weather and the opportunity to catch a couple of Twins spring training games, I was so grateful to get home to:

  • My perky little dog with whom I was reunited in a barky, tail-wagging frenzy at my mother-in-law’s.
  • My own king-sized, comfortable bed.
  • My clean, super-flusher toilet (seriously, public bathrooms are a drag).
  • My burr grinder, new coffee maker and a fresh bag of beans from Peter James Coffee. The best part of waking up.
  • My glorious private hot tub.

My point? Even if you can’t get away, maybe you can appreciate the wonderful aspects that make home, sweet home.


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