Baseball fans this time of year have a sunny disposition

It’s the time of year when the forecast is sunny and the air is full of potential: Spring training.

The Minnesota Twins began playing baseball games today for spring training (they won, not that it matters). If you’re a Twins fan, you are still allowed to be hopeful at this point. The players are uninjured and ready to play! New players want to prove themselves! The record remains untarnished!

I love spring training baseball for some of the same reasons I like baseball in general, especially as a Twins fan. There’s not a lot of pressure. The game moves at a leisurely pace. The fans aren’t too intense. The sun is always shining.

OK, well, the sun isn’t always shining during the regular season, but honestly, in Florida, it’s shining most of the time.

Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan predicts the Twins might actually accomplish a .500 season, which certainly isn’t a championship forecast, but compared to last season, it would be amazing. At this point in winter and in the baseball season, I don’t need “amazing” to be optimistic. All I need is sunshine.

One response to “Baseball fans this time of year have a sunny disposition

  1. Gardening is like that. Every year my garden club has a plant sale and I love working it because all of our customers are so optimistic. Everything is going to grow, bigger, better and more successfully than last year. Yeah for the Twins. You just gotta have faith!

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