Diaz bubbles over with enthusiasm in inspiring ‘The Body Book’

If a class was required before taking ownership of a woman’s body, Cameron Diaz’s “The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways To Love Your Amazing Body” would be the textbook.

The Body BookWhile I can’t say I learned a ton from this book, I did enjoy reading it and I think it’s perfect for teens and women in the 20s to read. It’s not a diet book or even a standard beauty book. It’s more of a how-to book on your body — how it works, how it works best and how to embrace the principles of eating well and exercising.

Cameron Diaz (with Sandra Bark) writes with so much enthusiasm, you can’t but love the body you’re in. She in inordinately excited about protein and water, and after reading Chapter 15’s “The Magic of Movement” you won’t be able to sit down to continue to read. Other people might find her sappy or over-the-top, but honestly, this is Cameron Diaz — what did you expect?

The final section is a prolonged cheerleading session which I found went on too long. But on the other hand, I’ve adopted one of her seems-obvious-in-retrospect suggestions: Drink more water in the morning. I exercise in the morning on an empty stomach (which I’ve been told numerous times I’m not supposed to do) but I also rarely drink water before my workout? Why? Exactly? I have no good reason, and Diaz makes a good case for how dehydrated my body is after 8 hours of sleep.

Here’s another thing to love about this book: The hardcover edition is beautifully made and worth investing in. It’s 7.5-by-9.5, so it’s hefty without being awkward, and the paper is top quality with several full-color photos. The photography of Diaz has inspired me into looking to a professional photo shoot; Diaz is stunning at 41.

If you’re looking for a book that inspires positive thinking and action when it comes to your body rather than a diet book that makes lists of off-limits foods and prescribes hours of complicated exercises, this is it.


One response to “Diaz bubbles over with enthusiasm in inspiring ‘The Body Book’

  1. I would like to read that book sometime. Bring it with you when you come in April, please.

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