Decoupage memories

When I was about 7, my mother planned a special party for me. It might have been a birthday party, but since I was born Dec. 23, she might have smartly planned the party some other time of year. Maybe even it was a party for my sister.

I actually don’t remember any of the specifics of the party. I remember the party favors.

Decoupage was a trend in the 1970s. Remember those guest soaps laminated with lovely flowers rendering them pretty but pretty much useless for actually washing your hands? That’s decoupage.

Mom didn’t make soap for 7-year-olds — she was smarter than that. Mom make jewelry. She decoupaged little ceramic ovals with some girly image, and then she crocheted a delicate little yarn chain to hold the decoupage pendant. I remember sitting on the couch with her while she crocheted madly (apparently a lot of little girls were invited to the party).

I thought of Mom’s handmade creations today as I was pouring Mod Podge over my project, a decoupage creation only a Twins fan could love. No soap or jewelry in this modern creation. This decoupage stuff is kind of fun!

My project is drying, and I can hardly wait to show it off. Stay tuned. I’ll share a picture next week.

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