I’ll have what she’s having

“… and seeming utterly relaxed as she orders a glass of Cabernet.”

Something about this line in the February edition of More magazine about Courteney Cox speaks of elegance and calm to me. I appreciated Margot Dougherty’s interview for its excellent research and multiple sources (which, honestly, you don’t find very often anymore in popular magazines’ celebrity interviews).

But this little description makes me want to lean across a table in a restaurant and breathily order a glass of Cabernet. And I don’t even like Cabernet (I’m on a Sauvignon Blanc kick lately).

Is it the word “relaxed”? Or is it the wine? Or maybe it’s that Cox once played a very well-known Monica in “Friends.”

I think it’s aspirational. Courteney Cox probably showered the day she met a reporter for lunch and ordered that Cabernet. She probably wasn’t wearing a sweat suit. And she almost certainly didn’t arrive 10 minutes late, bitching about traffic and the weather.

That’s what I want to be when I grow up. Utterly relaxed. Ordering wine. Talking about big ideas.


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