Hoffman filmography has me admiring great characters

In honor of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I watched “The Big Lebowski” for the first time. Hoffman, who died yesterday, had a part in it.

It’s a weird movie, but I’ll say this: It has weird, wonderful characters, and it reminds me: Good stories have great characters. (It reminded me, a little bit, of “American Hustle,” which I also enjoyed. Both have clever costuming, too.)

Though I’m not a big fan of fiction, I’ve got to hand it to some fiction writers for their amazing creativity. I admire it. I woke up the other morning with an idea for the plot of a book — a mystery. In my dream, the bad guy was a man from my past, but the concept is fiction, so I could build one heck of a great character from my subconscious.

When the credits for “The Big Lewbowski” played, I paid special attention to the writer. Turns out, it’s an Ethan and Joel Coen movie.

I should have known. They must have great dreams.

One response to “Hoffman filmography has me admiring great characters

  1. You should watch more movies with PSH. You’d like them. He was fantastic. Embodied every character, whether mean, weird, funny or tortured…and you never thought of him as anything other than that character. Until the next one. His death is sad.

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