Curmudgeon’s diary, halfway through the long winter

Winter is freezing my brain and blowing my compassion out the window (and into the next state).

My primary goals every day are keeping my feet warm and making comfort food for supper. I don’t care if you’re cold, too — it’s every woman for herself!

It’s not a winning attitude.

I don’t think I’m the only one. Did you listen to President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night? Forget what you think of his policy declarations, did you listen to his speaking style? I think he sounded tired. He kept making little speaking mistakes, clipping words, restarting and restating. Maybe his lips were numb.

He is a poised speaker, so these mistakes are tiny, but for a guy who usually speaks superlatively, I noticed.

I’d be tired, too. I always got tired of a job after four years. I had mastered my duties by that point. I was ready to move on.

Just as Mother Nature has ground me into a crumble of my former self with her thumb, I’m supposed to be thinking about my taxes. Simply adding up a year’s worth of mileage, however carefully or sloppily tracked, makes me want to throw something violently. Like a snowball.

I should be celebrating. Life is good. Our house isn’t heated with propane. I haven’t been arrested for drag racing, my goofily smiling mug shot publicized around the world. My cruise vacation hasn’t been cut short because of rampant barfing.

Here’s what I’m celebrating: I’m celebrating I don’t live on Jupiter. Where it’s 234 degrees below zero.

One response to “Curmudgeon’s diary, halfway through the long winter

  1. I will celebrate with you how we can be thankful we don’t live on Jupiter. Two weeks ago, it was as cold in Central MN as it was on Mars that day. This week it came close to the same temperature. It is really a tough year to stay warm. We are tired of being cold, huddling under a blanket every time we sit down just to keep the chills at bay. We have started the count down to spring, 51 days!

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