Trivial pursuits

The following interesting facts aren’t worth their own blog entry, but they’re rolling around inside my head so they might as well be rolling around in yours, too:

  • Life is a series of 7-year cycles, a new acquaintance last week suggested to me. Plenty of evidence of this, Google would indicate. At 47 then, I’m on the downhill side of the seventh cycle in my life (42-49). While poking around the internet for descriptions of this, I learned each year can be divided into seven cycles, too. Lucky 7?
  • If you’re on a diet and succeeding, even talking about the “old fat you” is a form of fat shaming, says Amanda at Never thought about it that way, but sure, I get that; if it’s rude to make someone else feel bad about being fat, why should it be OK to talk down oneself?
  • The biggest county jail in the country is in Cook County, just two counties east of here (Chicago is in Cook County). Who knew? (Not me. I did not know. Until I heard it on NPR.)
  • Ditalini is the name for short little tubes of pasta (think: a third of a macaroni) and they’re a tasty addition to a chopped salad (I enjoyed a delicious version yesterday at Trio Grille, in the bowling alley in Marengo, Ill.).
  • The premiere of “Klondike” is tonight on the Discovery Channel. What’s “Klondike”? asked my adored stepson. “Man vs. nature — in the bitter cold,” I replied. “Why are you interested?” he asked. “What better way to celebrate the third week of January?” I said.

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