Fresh cranberries + quinoa + Google = Crave-worthy snack

Google is an amazing tool for many things, but I love using it to find recipes.

I picked up some fresh cranberries at the local supermarket yesterday (only to be fair, “fresh” at the local grocery means “don’t look too closely, there might be mold hiding in the folds,” and I’m quite sure the cranberries were such a good deal because they’ve been sitting there since before Christmas). I had a craving for cranberry muffins. Who knows why.

I knew I had to use these cranberries quick. And I wanted something healthy (as far as a baked good goes, anyway), so I considered using quinoa in my muffins (quinoa is high in protein). And I also thought I ought to try using some of the gluten-free flours I had on hand.

So, I took a chance and typed “fresh cranberry quinoa muffin recipe” into my favorite search engine.

Search result: 1.39 million.

Who knew cranberry quinoa muffins were so common?

I used this recipe from the Connoissearus Veg with a few variations (instead of spelt flour, I used 1/3 all-purpose flour, 1/3 all-purpose gluten-free flour and 1/3 Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free hearty whole grain bread mix, and instead of whole pecans on top, I sprinkled chopped pecans and King Arthur Flour’s Sparking White Sugar).

And here’s the result:

cranberry muffins


They satisfied my craving and made for a quick breakfast on the way out the door today. (In the interest of full disclosure, my Beloved would tell you they look better than they taste.)

Besides representing a crave-worthy snack, they are evidence of Google’s greatness: To have literally millions of recipes (plus Wikipedia, Web MD and Urban Dictionary) at my fingertips is an amazing modern convenience. And 1.39 million results proves there is nothing — nothing! — new under the sun.

Gratitude for gluten-free and Google!


2 responses to “Fresh cranberries + quinoa + Google = Crave-worthy snack

  1. where did you purchase fresh cranberries in January, would also like to
    get some. Thanks

    • I got mine at the local supermarket here in Hampshire, Ill., but I suspect they were leftover from the holidays. Good luck!

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