Can I get a vase with that?

One of the “perfect gifts” I received for Christmas got the finishing touch today.

It was a perfect gift because my mother-in-law had been observant and was thinking of me when she selected it: Bookends that match my new office colors perfectly.


Regular readers will remember I painted the walls of my office golden and I repainted a credenza in burnt orange, aqua and off-white, and that’s exactly the colors of these bookends, which look beautiful in my the new bookshelves in my office.

Cleverly, the ceramic bookends look like books. Even better, they’re also flower vases (watertight, I’m told, if I choose to put live flowers in them).

I chose silk flowers, and planted them today.

bookshelf after

If that doesn’t remind you that spring is color, nothing will. Love it!

“With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?”

~ Oscar Wilde


One response to “Can I get a vase with that?

  1. Yup, the flowers make all the difference on the bookshelf…very pretty!!!! Don’t you just love it when people “get” you?!?!

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