Not sure what to read next? How about a book about what to read next

If you, like me, make resolutions, and if you, like me, resolve to read more in 2014, and if you, like me, appreciate a quick read once in a while, and if you, like me, like free books, then you should check out “Best Books of 2013: Reader’s Guide.”

Reader's GuideThe Amazon Books Editors put out this little book outlining their favorite picks in 2013. Their choices include fiction and nonfiction.

Each chapter, if you call them that (the book is only 92 pages and it covers 20 picks), describes a book and offers an extra, like a review or an author interview. As an author myself, I love reading what other authors have to say, but even if you’re not a writer, the insight from the author might help you decide whether to read their book.

Not only can you mark Book 1 off your list of books to read in 2014, but you’ll have a whole bunch of new titles to consider reading next. I’ve already added “Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt and “Tenth of December” by George Saunders to my reading list.

Because this is Amazon, after all, every single book is available on Kindle and “Best Books” itself is available only as an ebook on Kindle. So you have to have a Kindle (or a Kindle app on your iDevice or Droid) to enjoy it, but the good news is, it’s free. Here’s the link (you’re welcome).

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