Make fun where you find it

You know that moment at the end of the day when you’re brushing your teeth?

That moment happens almost every day (if you’re conscientious about brushing your teeth; I plan to keep my teeth until I’m 98 so I’m diligent like that). It’s usually a throwaway moment. Routine. Boring. I’d rather be in bed already.

The other night, my Beloved bumped hips with me while we both were brushing our (own) teeth. I looked at him in the bathroom mirror. And I bumped back. He smiled through Crest foam. And I smiled. It was like baby boomers’ Night at the Disco to the hum of electric toothbrushes instead of Electric Slide.

We were playing.

I laughed, keeping my chin up to keep the toothpaste in. That otherwise useless moment was fun.

Then I crawled into bed with him (already warm thanks to our heated mattress pad) and scratched his back.

I went to bed alone a lot in my first marriage.

But I almost never go to bed alone now. My Beloved and I retire together nearly every night.

It’s bliss falling asleep next to the man who makes tooth brushing fun.


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