How to get 100,000 hits on your blog

Minnesota Transplant is approaching a bit of a milestone, if milestones are arbitrary numbers with lots of zeros.

See that ticker down there? In the right column? Under “stats”? (If you can’t see it, you might be reading this on your email or the WordPress reader or possibly on a mobile device — try this link if you want to try to see it). As I write this post, that statistic reads “99,637,” meaning I’m only 363 hits away from …


I’ve had that little Blog Stats widget installed on my blog since the very beginning when it read “9” or “99.” Rather than being embarrassed by so few readers, it was a motivator for me.

It’s taken 5 years and 1,523 posts to get this far but I’m pretty confident in saying not many personal bloggers have these kinds of stats (1,500 posts was a milestone that came and went without fanfare, but that represents more than 300 posts a year). I see a lot of bloggers come and go. Oh, sure the name brand blogs would scoff at having hits in the high five figures, but puny bloggers like me often don’t last much longer than three posts. Having nearly 100,000 hits is a big deal (I’m mean, it’s not a big deal like a college degree or raising three kids to be contributing members of society, I get it, but it’s all relative — we’re blogging here, not practicing rocket science).

How does one accumulate stats like this? Well, longevity helps a lot. The sheer number of posts drives people here daily to see what Minnesota Transplant has to say about the weather, her lunch or her latest remodeling project. My mother, for example. She’s worth 365 hits a year (thanks, Mom).

Beyond that, it helps that I publicize my posts on Facebook and Twitter. And being Freshly Pressed three times added several thousand hits from fellow WordPress bloggers. In fact, those three posts are among my most popular (“Quiet time on the running trail” appeared Sept. 14, 2011 , “My life … in all its banality” was published Aug. 8, 2012 and “What a perfect haystack means” appeared the very next day on Aug. 9, 2012). My most popular post is a recipe, believe it or not, for Who-hash.

With an average of 65 hits a day, I expect to hit the 100,000 mark sometime in the next week (we’ll add it to the list of things for which to be thankful).

You, dear readers, can help me get there even faster by publicizing my posts (maybe not this particular post which is a little inside baseball, but you never know when the next Who-hash-caliber recipe will come along). You see those buttons down there at the bottom of the post? Share with your friends, followers and pinners on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

And if you’re a follower, by golly, thank you! I’m approaching a milestone there, too, with 945 followers right now. When you read me in your In Box or reader, you don’t count as a click unless you, well, click. Come on over and leave a message. Like a good Minnesotan, I’ll put the coffee on.


8 responses to “How to get 100,000 hits on your blog

  1. Interesting. I just checked my blog and it was at 100,605.

    • Kudos, Mark (but I feel compelled to point out that your blog was once “brand name”). Of course, your current run on satire is quite brilliant. Humor definitely helps stats.

  2. BIG congrats are due here!!!! Well done…and keep on doing…we love it!!

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