Grass with an attitude

The ornamental grass outside my front door underwent a color job at the hands of Jack Frost at some point in the past few weeks, and now it’s flaunting blonde tresses.

Here’s how the clump of grass looked a summer ago:

ornamental grass

I considered taking a picture of it this past weekend, but the drab and rainy put a sorry cast on everything. The sun made a flighty appearance this morning, so I snapped this shot:

ornamental grass blond

It’s the color of straw, only silkier. I wish I could get away with visiting my colorist only once a year.

“Blondes are like white mice, you only find them in cages. They wouldn’t last long in nature. They’re too conspicuous.”

~ Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

2 responses to “Grass with an attitude

  1. I love that ornamental grass. What kind is it?

    • It could be either blue limegrass or possibly ribbon grass. I’m no gardener and it was planted by the previous owner. Mom took cuttings of three kinds of ornamental grasses in our yard and planted them in her yard but only one of them lasted the winter up there (but of course, I can’t remember which one).

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