Holiday quandary

Spent an hour an a half unpacking Christmas lights, untangling strings, replacing broken bulbs and hanging the lights on a 15-foot pine tree by our driveway this morning only to discover … two of the strings didn’t light.

So my Adored stepson and I took them down again.

This bunny trail has me thinking about the spirit of Christmas and how I really want spend my time and enrich the experiences of my loved ones. Do I take heart in spending 90 minutes with my stepson even though we accomplished nothing? Or do I choose to let go of expectations (like fancy yard lighting displays) in exchange for a plainer but less frustrating holiday?



6 responses to “Holiday quandary

  1. That is so frustrating. Monica. I know exactly how you feel. I did the same many years ago, albeit only with the lights on an indoor tree, so nowhere near as great a job as yours. Plug the lights in and switch them on BEFORE you hng them! Its also easier to see whilst you hanging, so you don’t have “blank” spots. Enjoy – it is worth the effort!

    • You’re right, Celeste, my Beloved told us AFTER we tried hanging the lights, to keep them lighted as we go (a trick I wish I would have known 24 hours ago). Ah, well.

  2. Live and learn!

  3. Rejoice that you spent time with your stepson!
    Then, before the next holiday project ask your self, if this project ‘fails’ to be what I expect, will I still enjoy the process?
    If the answer is no, re-evaluate the project. Christmas is a season of the heart, not a reason to redecorate.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the special Christmas trimmings I do, but I only do them if the process will bring a sense of celebration and a focus on God’s greatest gift to us. So, some years are ‘fabulous’ and others are minimal.
    May your Thanksgiving be filled with gratitude and your Christmas be merry!

    • That is EXACTLY the answer I am looking for — a way to “weigh” my options intelligently and STILL keep a sense of celebration and focus on God’s greatest gift. Thank you, Pamela!

  4. You are welcome! Now, I hope I can follow my own advice… 😉

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