If it ain’t easy, it ain’t meant to be

Most of us Americans get an extra hour tonight.

I’m already planning to sleep through it.

But what if we all had an extra hour every day?

Would you use it well?

Or would life’s minutia fill it, just like it fills Hour 24 now? Or Hour 23 for that matter?

Or maybe all your hours are already well lived.

Mine? I’m not sure.

Someone close to me (meaning, someone who should know) recently told me I was driftless. Then he amended himself and said “drifting, I meant drifting.”

Apparently, I’m riding high on the tides of time. I’m not frantically rowing my canoe to shore like a finalist on “Survivor.” No, I’m drifting, like the would-be contestant who never actually finished his audition tape.

There’s a little irony to this because I used to be driven, as in hard-nosed, hard-pressed and hard-edged. And I wasn’t all that happy. So I adopted a new attitude: If it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t meant to be. After a few years of practice, I now take life as it comes, I try to enjoy the present moment, I’m a little bit of a fatalist. This means I resist less, which doesn’t necessary mean I’m irresistible (but maybe … with some people … on the right day … I might be irresistible).

I’m going with the flow. And that sounds a lot better than drifting, even though it’s pretty much the same thing. Because to be honest, the flow is pretty sweet right now. The water’s warm. Let’s go for a swim.

May your extra hour bring you more of whatever it is you already have (and here’s hoping it’s something good).

3 responses to “If it ain’t easy, it ain’t meant to be

  1. I’m sorta with you 🙂 I’m rowing but it’s more so to make corrections and keep going in the right direction rather than to ‘reach the shore’ any faster. love the visual imagery.

  2. Da Hubby aka slave driver :>)

    Dearest Irresistible, good thing your office is ready to go. Get to work!

  3. A fine piece of blogging!

    Uncle Lee

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