Eat, drink and be scary

Not to rain on anyone’s parade (like it’s doing here today in northern Illinois), but Halloween is like the playoffs for me — I’m a bandwagon fan who can’t quite conjure up the enthusiasm of die-hard season ticket holders.

I’m impressed with over-the-top Halloween yard decorations, but I would never spend the time and money to do the same. I appreciate a clever Halloween costume (like that of the daughter of a friend, who is wearing a T-shirt today that says “Love ceilings” — she’s a ceiling fan), but my “clever” ends where the party supply store does (this year, I dressed as a cow for one party and a black cat for another — hardly the height of interesting or scary). I like a good Halloween party, but I think I’ve thrown only one, and it was still just a dinner party with costumes.

However, I thought wistfully today of a former co-worker today who embraced Halloween in all its glory every year: Cheryl Lightle, the co-founder of Creative Memories where I was once employed. Here’s an excerpt from the “Have Fun” segment of her book, “Creative Memories: The 10 Timeless Principles Behind the Company that Pioneered the Scrapbooking Industry”:

“Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I always dress up. When I first started at The Antioch Company [the parent company of Creative Memories] it was close to Halloween, and I asked everyone what they would be wearing to work to celebrate. Very few people responded. I showed up on Halloween as the Wicked Witch of the West and gave out candy. I was the only one who dressed up.”

Cheryl’s enthusiasm was infectious though. By the time I came along in the company, dozens if not hundreds of employees dressed in costume, and the costume contest was the height of the afternoon festivities. Cheryl continued the practice of handing out candy and inspiring an atmosphere of fun.

I hope she’s wearing a costume today, where ever she’s celebrating.

In the spirit of fun, here’s a doctored image of me from a couple of years ago when I dressed as a fortune-teller:


May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright
of soft and golden hue
pierce through the future’s veil
and show what fate now holds for you.


One response to “Eat, drink and be scary

  1. Thanks for posting this again in 2015. What a fun tribute. Love how you described yourself as a bandwagon fan. 🙂

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