Go buggy for this buggy

Since I’ve never had a baby (and I never will, especially in light of the hot flashes I’ve been enduring lately), the most useful thing about “baby carriage” is that is rhymes with “marriage,” as in “First comes love, first comes marriage, then comes Schoolyard Victim in a baby carriage.”

Which is why this lovely baby buggy, circa 1917, is being auctioned on eBay.

Baby Buggy 1

It’s a real antique, meaning it carried a real baby around some Illinois neighborhood just a few years after the Titanic went down — that’s nearly a century ago.

My mother-in-law once used it in a window display at a shoe store back when people bought children’s shoes at downtown retail locations where employees actually measured their feet. It was being stored at our house and, um, its time is up (we’re planning to do more room painting if you must know). It’s in excellent condition considering its age (I can only hope my rubber wheels hold up so well).

Interested in a shabby chic accent piece to store your guest pillows? Check it out here. You just might have to have it.

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