A new bookcase (to house books and big ideas)

Why are some people compelled to redecorate often, heck, every year, and some people live in the exact same floor plan with the same colored walls and the same pictures on the wall for decades?

Sure, money is part of the answer, but there lots of inexpensive ways to refresh a space, even simply moving furniture around. Beyond finances, I’m not sure what personality quirk is responsible for living quite literally in a rut.

And I’m not sure which camp in which I reside.

I had a sister-in-law once who moved around the furniture in her living room every six months or so, and I always was astonished with the configurations. I admired her. Yet I my bedroom furniture is sitting in the same carpet divots created when it was moved in six years ago.

You may have noticed Minnesota Transplant hasn’t post a new entry in almost a week. That’s practically a record. Since early 2009, I’ve posted almost daily without a pause of more than 48 hours.

I’ve been busy this week preparing a new womb for the incubation of blog ideas (and other, possibly more lucrative, creations). I’ve been remodeling my upstairs office, a room that remained in the same state for six years (plus or minus minor and major cleaning sprees).

I believed I was too busy to monkey around with the decor of my office. Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn’t. Perhaps I didn’t think it important. The office configuration was functional. Probably I was too lazy to attempt anything significant.

But the room has undergone a complete transformation in the past couple of weeks. And maybe I have, too. I have a whole new appreciation for paint (and screwdrivers).

I have tons to show you in the next few days, but we’ll start with the centerpiece of the remodel, the reason d’etre so to speak, of the whole project: A new bookcase. I’m a writer and a lover of writing, so I have a lot of books (yes, the old fashioned bound kind).

Here’s the before a look through the doorway at the east wall before:

doorway before

Since then, I moved everything out of the room, and my Beloved and I repainted (or possibly painted for the first time because I don’t think the room was ever painted anything other than white). The chaise lounge found a new home in my bedroom for the time being (ah, a new layout in a second room, too!).

Then my father stepped in. He’s created a built-in bookcase for me before but, alas, I moved out of that house (the bookcase is still there, even if I’m not).

This time, I asked him to fill an entire wall with shelves and install crown molding throughout. He arrived Tuesday with his pick-up filled with a saw, tools and a pile of finished shelves.

After two days of installation (he’s a hard worker, even in semi-retirement), he delivered this fabulous bookcase and bench:

doorway after

I’m sharing on this side view today because I’m still working on the bench area, but I’m so pleased I can now display all of my books and photo albums in one place.

Mom helped me organize my books by category (religious/spiritual, self-help, writing, crafts, business, memoir/biography — by far, my largest category, fiction and science fiction). Space remains for my notebooks and future purchases.

Tomorrow, I’ll share the results of my work (and lots of paint) on my new credenza. Remember what that looked like two weeks ago?

6 responses to “A new bookcase (to house books and big ideas)

  1. That looks fabulous!!

  2. Looks wonderful – love that row of albums!

  3. You’re getting your library!! I’m so happy for you 😀

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