Potential (to be revealed with elbow grease, paint)


As part of my office remodeling project, I’m getting a new desk — without drawers.

Well, as a pack rat, I can’t be productive without stuff (you know, paper clips and notebooks and pens, lots of pens), and that stuff requires drawers.

Thanks to Craig’s List (and a little bit of inspiration provided by my sister who recently updated a dresser with a little paint), I invested in a credenza that needs a little love. (It’s really a dresser, but “credenza” sounds so much classier, so it’s now a credenza. I won’t mention I found a pair of thong underwear lost behind one of the drawers because that’ll just remind you it’s a dresser.)

My big plans involve labels like “Bronze Eucalyptus,” “Green Wave” and “Milk Paint” (or possibly “Brandied Pears”).

But first, I have to invest some time sanding. So, if you’ll excuse me …

2 responses to “Potential (to be revealed with elbow grease, paint)

  1. Ooh… looks like a good fall project 😀 Can’t wait to see the end result!

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