Dividends of decluttering

The upside to clearing clutter is finding long-lost valuables. Sometimes one just finds valuable space, but today I found a valuable little treat.

For months, maybe a year, maybe more than a year, I haven’t been able to adjust the volume on my iPod Shuffle. For those of unfamiliar with this now ancient bit of technology, the iPod Shuffle is so small its volume control is part of the headphones. My headphones are well used (and probably got wet at some point). The volume is, well, good for my fragile hearing but not so good for rockin’ — my iTunes are audible but not over the rumble of a passing semi truck.

I spent the entire day today moving books, files and furniture out of my upstairs office. I’ve been working in that room for six years (that’s two home-based jobs, one book and whatever one calls what I’m doing now, either working or screwing around depending on one’s perspective). I threw out a lot of old catalogs and meeting notes (I found an illuminating list from six years ago — maybe I’ll share that tomorrow).

I haven’t sorted the drawers of my desk since I moved in. In the very back of one drawer, behind DVDs demonstrating home parties for now-defunct direct selling companies, two unimpressive digital cameras and three rolls of film, I found a set of Apple earbuds — with volume control! I don’t know why I had this backup — maybe two sets came with the Shuffle or maybe a set came with my iPhone — but I was elated! It was almost as good as getting paid to declutter!

Now I can listen to Helen Reddy, Queen and CeeLo Green at a volume they intended.

3 responses to “Dividends of decluttering

  1. Does that make me craaazzzay?


    So happy for you!

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