Blogging: A reflection of life or a narcissistic indulgence?

mirrored building

I encountered this building on my run around Nowheresville this morning.

Where we stayed in Nowheresville, there was nowhere to run. The “gym” was being remodeled so first I tried running around the nearby industrial park, but the road had no shoulders and I tired of dodging enormous semi-trucks huffing and puffing up and down the hill.

The other direction didn’t hold much promise either, but the Arby’s restaurant next door had a big parking lot in which to run circles. The view of the nearby highway held morning rush hour traffic, and beyond that: This mirrored building, forever reflecting the world in front of it.

Since the world revolves around me, I noticed a tiny me running in the reflective surface. So I jogged back to the motel to grab my cell phone (it was better than running another circle). Can’t you see me? It was so obvious when I took the picture. Maybe the bright yellow arrow will help.

me in the mirror with arrow

As I pondered how to use these unremarkable pictures, I thought about blogging. My blog, anyone’s blog, is a bit like the mirrored building, reflecting the world around it. A snippet of the writer is always a part of the reflection (sometimes a bigger, more recognizable part of the reflection than in my example but always a part).

Is a blog evidence of narcissism? Probably. The writer waxes on about the world around her — stories, images, opinions — and the reader takes it or leaves it. Maybe, when the writer is very good and very lucky, the reader sees something of himself or herself reflected therein.

And then the reader moves on (or runs on), perhaps entertained, or enriched, or thinking differently.

At least I hope so.

6 responses to “Blogging: A reflection of life or a narcissistic indulgence?

  1. Great thoughts! If you are considering your blog to be narcissistic, than where am I on the scale 🙂

    • Oh, Zhenya, I adore your blog! I get lots of fashion ideas there (your pictures are SO much better than mine) so you inform and enrich. You are sort of like a mannequin, showing your thrift finds and DIY creations in their best light.

  2. I blog because as a woman…I have lots to say…and being married to a man…little time to say it all… before he tires of it!! Ha!

    Also, being Italian…with an Italian family of talkers, not listeners…writing is how I can get a word in edgewise!! Amen!

    • I like that reason — lots to say. That’s “contribution” in my book.

      • Oh, yes…definitely a “contribution!!!” Ha! I’m always worthy of listening to!! Can’t waste time on talking, but saying nothing!!!! I’ll actually say to my son, “Okay, take note…’life-tip’ moment here!!” It’s the teacher in me, I guess!

  3. isiscambassassassassian

    I think the answer to your question is the classic “Little from column A, little from column B” ! 🙂

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