Cherry tomatoes: Sauce for the cook (and the eater, too)

This tomato sauce is the best EVER!

Of course, it begins with fresh ingredients — I picked the cherry tomatoes and peppers this afternoon — but I’m a sucker for using the blender.

My version blends the tomato seeds and skins right into the sauce — more texture for the cook, I say.

Here’s how: Roast a cookie sheet of whole cherry tomatoes, five small peppers (deseeded), two carrots (cut into sticks), half a red onion and a couple garlic cloves at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. Season with a generous amount of grape seed oil, salt and pepper. Allow to cool 5 minutes, then scrape the whole mess into a blender. Add a half cup chicken broth and a handful of fresh herbs (parsley, mint and basil) and blend until smooth. Turn into a pan and simmer on low heat while you prepare pasta.

I’ve enjoyed this sauce twice this week — once over quinoa spaghetti noodles and once over mushroom ravioli — it’s so good (and I’m trying to use up my garden harvest). Try it.


3 responses to “Cherry tomatoes: Sauce for the cook (and the eater, too)

  1. I read somewhere that most of the flavor in tomatoes is in the seeds and pulp.

  2. Jill Masterson

    I had a big container of cherry tomatoes that were starting to wrinkle and I didn’t want to throw them away. I remembered this blog post and decided to make your sauce recipe. My family LOVED it! The only things I did differently: garlic-flavored olive oil instead of garlic cloves and grapeseed oil, an immersion blender instead of a standard blender, and added a little cabernet to thin it a bit more. Yum!

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