Dream trips, delivered overnight via Yahoo

Some of the emails my Beloved receives are like lottery tickets.

I don’t mean they’re like spam that offers lottery winnings in Nigeria for just a signature and bank account number. Blech. I mean they’re entertaining like lottery tickets.

Haven’t you ever bought a lottery ticket and spent hours or days imagining exactly how you would spend the money? “Let’s see, I’d absolutely have to a new Coach purse. Maybe one in every color! I wonder what is the most expensive car I could buy. Then I’d pay off my mortgage. What the heck! I won $242 million — I’ll pay off the mortgage and give the house away!”

That two bucks spent on the lottery ticket is worth every penny in the vivid fantasies into which it breathes life.

My Beloved, being a devotee to deals, travel and online shopping, frequently receives emails with subject lines like “$17 Hotels! Book Today!” and “$99 Luxury Suite at Dubuque” (yes, Dubuque, Iowa), “$299 Caribbean cruise — leave Sunday” and from Groupon, “Deluxe Spa Treatment & Craft Brewery Tour” (only $10!).

We go on fabulous trips many mornings while drinking coffee and rooting through his emails. This morning, we took a once-in-a-lifetime 10-day cruise through the Panama Canal with stops in the Bahamas and Costa Rica. I wonder how many books I could read on a 10-day cruise? Our flight to Tampa (where we can now visit his uncle — it would be so nice to see him) was only $218 each; all we needed was a great deal on a rental car to get to Fort Lauderdale. It was so relaxing, and the excursions included historic tours and crystal blue snorkeling. If we left in 10 days, we’d be gone until Halloween. Heaven.

By then, we’d gotten to the bottom of our cups of coffee, and my stepdaughter called to chat on her way to work, and I had to get to the gym.

Vacation over. Back to real life.

But it was great while it lasted.

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