A bark that caught my attention

Trees put on quite a show this time of year in the Midwest. They’re changing color dramatically or imperceptibly, or they’re dropping nuts or leaves, or they’re lushly full or scraggily naked.

On my run this morning, I tried to be mindfully present and pay attention. It was a sunny autumn morning. The blue sky was dotted with puffy clouds. And the trees are changing.

tree neighbor

Lines and patterns in the world around us.

A distinctive tree in my neighbor’s front yard caught my eye, not because of its leaves but because of its bark. After my run, I grabbed my phone at home and double-backed to take a picture. I showed it to my Beloved, because he knows all sorts of things about trees and I know next to nothing about growing things, and he said it was a river birch.

“I don’t know why you took a picture of the neighbor’s tree,” he said. “We have one in our front yard, too.”


Here I was, trying to be mindful and observant, and I didn’t notice the beauty in my front yard.

I’m such a dork.

I mean, I’m thinking about how far and fast I’m going to run when I leave the house, and I’m thinking about breakfast when I get back. Who pays attention then?

Not me.

So, here are a couple looks of the beautiful tree in my yard, too:

For more images reflecting lines and patterns in the world around us, check out the bloggers who submitted posts in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.


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