What image conveys 1,000 words for a Minnesota Transplant?

The header image one chooses for one’s blog is a weighty decision. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

I’ve changed my header image again. It used to be this:


Now it’s this:


Both images show one of Hampshire’s water towers and reflect the essence of suburbia: Ticky-tacky housing, all in a row. This particular image shows a failed housing development about a mile from my house. I’m pretty sure every one of those model homes in the picture is empty, thanks to the 2008 housing crisis. That’s Hampshire right now: Full of promise, unfulfilled.

I’m a transplant. Who has moved to suburbia in Chicagoland. So an image of my neighborhood seems apt.

But these types of images do nothing to show the “Minnesota” part of Minnesota Transplant. To me, Minnesota is renowned for its 10,000 lakes, so for a while, I had this image in my header:


It’s a picture I took off my sister’s deck in Minnesota.

Minnesota also means “snow,” so for a while I had this image taken from my parents’ back porch in northern Minnesota:



When I was pondering a new header recently, I also took this image, which shows the flat farmland surrounding my little village here in Illinois (bonus: you can still see a water tower):



What do you think? What image conveys “Minnesota Transplant” to you?


One response to “What image conveys 1,000 words for a Minnesota Transplant?

  1. Well . . . I guess it would depend on whether your intention is to show nostalgia for Minnesota (and I’d choose the one from your sister’s deck), or if you’re emphasizing the new life away from the lakes and snow of Minnesota, in which case I think the one you have up now kind of shows that idea. But I really like that last one with the red barn!

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