My weekend: Black and white and read all over

The world is not so neatly black and white, but forget 50 shades of grey for a minute (or a lifetime, depending on how much you liked that erotic book series). Let’s parse my weekend into simple love/hate categories.

I hate it when a semi truck loses a mudflap — and the metal attachment intended to keep it on the truck — in the middle of six lanes of Friday afternoon traffic. I hate it when my friends hit flying mudflaps causing irreparable tire and rim damage to their car, forcing them to the shoulder of the interstate highway to await a tow.

I love it when near catastrophic accidents result in only vehicle damage instead of bodily injury.

skullI love tequila. I hate whiskey. Thank goodness I’m an adult and I get to choose (remember those college wop parties where you had no idea what kind of alcohol was in that red punch?).

I love tequila that comes in interesting bottles shaped like skulls. I love drinking my tequila with lime and salt.

I love it when someone else drives the boat.

I love evenings when the water is calm and there is no one else on the lake.

I hate neighbors who tell you the next morning they could hear you talking on your boat from halfway across the lake because it was so calm. I hope we didn’t say anything bad about the neighbors.

I love fresh, greasy plain donuts for breakfast at the campground.

I hate low blood sugar 90 minutes later because all I had for breakfast was empty carbs.

I hate janky gas tanks on my Adored stepson’s car. “Janky” sounds like code for “dangerously and explosively inflammable.”

I love that my Beloved and my Adored stepson are mechanically gifted enough to figure out how to avoid explosions.

I love it when my Beloved makes anything on the grill. Tonight it’s barbecue ribs.

I love corn on the cob dripping in butter. I love that farmers who grow corn trust passersby enough to leave a cart of corn and a box with a slot for money by the side of the road.

I hate that the season for fresh corn on the cob is pretty much kaput.

I love that the Bears play the Vikings tomorrow, and my Beloved and Adored Stepson get to see it live. I love that they got only two tickets and I’m going to be left by myself for most of the day to write. In peace.

I love it when the house is quiet and I can concentrate on the black and white on the page uninterrupted.


3 responses to “My weekend: Black and white and read all over

  1. Now sing it with me…

    “One tequila, Two tequila, Three tequila,… FLOOR!”

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