Did you say ‘party’?

“That’s what you get for ignoring the beauty of Tupperware.”

~ Nick Harkaway in “The Gone-Away World”

Normally, I wouldn’t describe a direct sales home party as “nostalgic” but tonight’s Tupperware party at a friend’s house was.

I might never have met this friend if I hadn’t accepted an invitation to a different Tupperware party six years ago.

A waitress in town had sort of befriended me — she’s amazingly friendly that way — and on a whim, she invited me to come with her to a Tupperware party being held in my neighborhood. At the time, I had just moved to Illinois from Minnesota and she knew more of my neighbors than me! (To be fair, she’s so gregarious she probably still knows more of my neighbors than I do.) I got a feel for my new community — and some new Tupperware, thanks to her. The waitress eventually formed a book club; I joined it, got to know her even better, and she introduced me to even more people, including the woman who hosted the Tupperware party tonight.

It was like the Fabergé Organics Shampoo commercial in the ’80s: “I told two friends about it, and they told two friends and so on and so on.”

Meanwhile, the same woman who demonstrated Tupperware at the party six years ago was still at it tonight. Tupperware is an amazing company built on quality plastics. It originated the home party concept in the 1950s. Many companies have come –and gone — by capitalizing on the concept. My experience in direct sales leads me to believe party plan sales are on their way out, to be replaced by virtual parties or something else, but tonight’s Tupperware party offered exactly the formula that’s made them mainstays in suburban culture: a little product demonstration, a little flattery and bribery to the hostess and a little dessert.

It was fun. I got to mingle with some friends. I got to reminisce. And I got some Tupperware.

3 responses to “Did you say ‘party’?

  1. I have to tell you that I just got some of the new ones for the fridge – just LOVE them and they certainly keep my fruits and veggies fresh for SO much longer – no more throwing out because they went bad!

  2. Thanks for the ‘Remember When’. It put a smile on my face.

  3. Love tupperware but no one has sold it in my area in ages! The wildfire of home sales right now is still Mary Kay, Partylite, Pure Romance, and Origami Owl 🙂

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