Only a mother could love

Six years of observation have led me to the conclusion that my dog is a bitch.

In both senses of the word.

Chloe is a female dog, yes, but she also does not work and play well with others.

Oh, she’s just fine in our “pack,” where she gives orders and my Beloved and I obey. We have to read her mind, but she’s generally pretty transparent. “You want to go outside?” “You’re hungry? Here’s your yummies.” “You want me to play with you? OK, I’ll throw your toy.”

But when she’s with more refined dogs (read: obedient), she’s pushy and demanding.

Imported Photos 00047-EditedEarlier this summer, she nipped a friend’s dog when the friend’s dog made the mistake of nosing around in Chloe’s food dish. Today, Chloe’s clearly defined her alpha female status with a visiting relative’s dog by hounding her at every opportunity. Not very welcoming or accommodating, let’s just say.

Bear in mind, Chloe weighs 8 pounds and her primary weapon is a screechy bark that makes even me jump after having tolerated it for six years. When she gets bossy, you know it.

It’s like having a toddler who vehemently demands candy in the checkout line. I cover because I’m such a pushover who’s trained her so poorly.

But, like a mother, I love her even when she embarrasses me. Oh, do I love her.

2 responses to “Only a mother could love

  1. Our miniature Schnauzer “herds” husband and I into the same room. He hates it when one of us is downstairs and the other is upstairs. He “guards” me and barks that shrill bark at anyone who dares come near. But he is sweet with the grandkids and has never nipped at anyone. We love him to death. A big dog in a little dog body, no doubt. Wonder if he and your Chloe could survive in the same room?

    • Now that you ask, I think Chloe is different with male dogs — especially alpha males. She was chased around and around the house by a friendly lab puppy earlier this summer — she wasn’t trying to boss him around, just get away.

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