One of 8.3 million incoming college freshmen this year

Our little birdie flew the coop today.

We moved my Adored Stepson into his college dormitory, hoping he’ll actually go to classes when they start on Tuesday.

It’s the way colleges do it nowadays, I guess. At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where Caswell is going to school, they offer four — yes, FOUR — days of minglers, entertainment and acclimation activities in advance of classes in session.

I believe a lot of purple body paint may be involved. Purple is UW-W’s school color, and there’s a football game scheduled in Saturday’s 90-degree weather.


But I’m not involved in any of that. My role today was pack mule.

We got up before the crack of dawn because my Beloved is an early riser, and so everyone else in the house has to be, too. And he wanted to beat the lines and the heat.

When we arrived at 9:15 a.m., here’s how the line looked:

Every SUV and minivan in the southern half of the state beat us to Move-in Day.

Every SUV and minivan in the southern half of the state beat us to Move-in Day.

Things moved quickly, and soon we dumped all of Caswell’s worldly possessions on the lawn in front of his dorm, where controlled chaos was in full operation.

No unattended vehicles! No move along!

No unattended vehicles! Nothing to see here. Now move along!

With the help of a couple of sweaty volunteers, I had to lug hampers and linens up five flights of stairs only twice.

It was 76 degrees at 10 a.m., but I could have sworn it was 90.

His dorm room is … “smaller than I expected.” That’s a direct quote from both Caswell when he saw his room for the first time and his roommate an hour later.

Welcome to the real world, boys.

But the view is nice:

It's really quite lovely. No sarcasm.

It’s really quite lovely. No sarcasm.

Also, across the hall is Meghan and Amy’s room. Which may provide some nice views, too, I don’t know. Yes, Stepson is now living on a mixed-gender floor.

We helped him unpack a little, including making his bed, finding an outlet for the fan (ahh!) and plugging in the refrigerator.

And then we left.

Caswell didn’t want us to leave. I swear. It wasn’t me. He walked us out to the car, gave us big (sweaty) hugs and squared his shoulders to return to the chaos (and hormones).

As we were leaving town, hopeful but a little wistful, too, we drove by what were clearly the party houses. Tables were set up in the front yards with rows of red plastic cups decorating them like it was a holiday:

"Red Solo cup, I fill you up."

“Red Solo cup, I fill you up.”

In the words of Toby Keith, “proceed to party.”

Good luck, little birdie. I know you can fly.

4 responses to “One of 8.3 million incoming college freshmen this year

  1. I hope he used rate my professor (.com) and both have been lifesavers for me! I started classes tonight. I really think this semester is going to bee a good one 🙂

  2. Its Megan and Rachel. They were the first people AJ and I made friends with.

  3. we moved Kari in to Morris last Sunday in 94 degree weather that “felt like” 99. Her first three days in the un-air conditioned dorm it was in the mid-90s every day. We shared a few text messages and she was toughing it out. She is staying there over the 3 day weekend to really get acclamated.

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