The molecular structure of both Einstein and the car are completely intact

suds and fun car show

Occasionally, Hampshire is a destination instead of merely a Northern Illinois point along a journey to somewhere important. Today was one of those days.

Every August, car aficionados gather in the park for the Suds & Fun car show.

I walked by this afternoon not because I know anything about cars but because I appreciate a little spectacle every once and again. Stately automobiles with sleek lines and more polished chrome than I’ve even see in one place filled the park. Some gawkers, like me, wandered around, but most folks were planted in lawn chairs enjoying the suds and, presumably, the fun.

As I marvelled at the open hoods showing off impressive engines, I heard “Johnny B. Goode” playing over the loudspeakers. That song played a role in the time-travel movie “Back to the Future,” and suddenly I wanted to visit a drive-in restaurant and order a root beer float from a car hop on roller skates. I had been transported.

Instead, I walked on, a pedestrian for the moment at least in a world of fossil-fuel enthusiasts.


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