It’s the cucumber time of year

neighbors cucOne cucumber plant is enough. Maybe even one too many.

Like my side of the closet where my clothes tend to creep into my Beloved’s side, our cucumber plant is invading my neighbor’s space.

While mowing the lawn this morning, I noticed a number of juicy cucumbers hanging on the neighbor’s side of the fence. I surreptitiously picked them anyway.

This is probably a violation of property law (forgive me, Roxi), but I figured there’d be new cucumbers growing big and juicy on their side of the fence tomorrow.

I’m 100% sure of this potential bounty because I braved the dusk mosquitoes (they’re smaller than Minnesota ones but no less pesky) to sneak over to where the grass is greener (the other side) to take pictures for this blog and I found this medium-sized gem already growing there, only 8 hours since my pass with the mower.

I like fresh cucumbers, but I can eat only so many of them, and unlike my grape tomatoes, I can’t roast them. Let me know if I can pilfer any of the cucumbers that may rightly be my neighbor’s for you.

One response to “It’s the cucumber time of year

  1. If you’re coming my way, bring on the cucumbers. We love them!!

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