Pesto party!

It’s the pesto time of year, and this is my favorite pesto recipe (lots of basil this year but no party).. We enjoyed our pesto on gluten-free crackers with mozzarella cheese and grape tomato halves. Oh,and a glass of Ménage a Trois.

Minnesota Wonderer

Had a blast tonight throwing a pesto party!

A friend was looking for reasons to get out of the house this summer, and I saw a pesto recipe and thought, “That would be fun way to use up all the basil I’m going to have,” thinking I was going to have fresh basil coming out of my ears like last summer.

Well, my basil plants didn’t deliver, but the pesto party did!

I stocked up on extra basil and pine nuts from Joe Caputo’s Market (wonderful produce) and borrowed a food processor from another friend. I also picked up 16 little plastic Ziploc containers, so my guests could bring pesto home. Between the internet and my Everyday Food magazines, I found two recipes — one for a standard basil pesto and a second for a basil-mint pesto (because I have fresh mint plants, too, purchased primarily for mojitos on the deck, but…

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