Up next: Longest days of the year

With the summer solstice coming Friday (the first official day of summer), we’re heading into our longest days of the year.

We’ll enjoy 15 hours 14 minutes of daylight here in Chicagoland Friday when the sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. When you add the three days running up to the 21st and the three days after, you’ve got a week’s worth of the longest days of the year.

For my Central Minnesota friends, you have the gift of almost 36 extra minutes of daylight on the 21st compared to those of us in northern Illinois. The sun doesn’t set on Friday until 9:22 p.m. up in my parents’ neck of the woods.

On top of that, there’s a full moon on Sunday, so we’ll have practically an entire day of luminosity.

How to celebrate? Well, my stepdaughter is considering undertaking 108 sun salutations (it’s a yoga move). I’m thinking one or two sun salutations (military style or yoga style, your choice) would be appropriate. And put on a sunny disposition. That would be nice.

[My condolences, friends in the southern hemisphere: You’re headed for the shortest day of the year. But cheer up: They get longer beginning Saturday.]

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