Fodder for a book?

Presence makes the heart grow fonder.

Since my Adored Stepson decided to spend (most of) the summer with us, I’ve gotten lots of quality time with him that we were denied me when he was living with his mother two states away.

Sure, we made a point to see him once a month, and I Skyped with him occasionally to brainstorm his term papers and edit them, but phone calls are a poor substitute for the long silences that occur, for example, when the meal is over and no one wants to clean it up.

After six years with him (on and off), I see better now how unrelated people can make up what would be considered a family. Spending time together is as binding as blood. I now know, for example, how many hours of sleep Caswell needs, how he gets tired in the afternoons, how to motivate him to start working on his father’s List (a long to-do that rivals any honey-do list), and I know better than ever how he thinks about cars, horsepower and exhaust systems well over 50% of his waking hours (I asked him to cut me some basil yesterday morning and he came back with tomato leaves, so it’s certain he’s better with automotive subjects than herbal ones).

I enjoy his company so it’s a treat to spend this summer with him before he goes away to college.

At the very least, he’s a wealth of blog subjects. I asked him yesterday how he would feel if I wrote a book about him. I was thinking I’ve written a number of blog posts about stepmothering him over the years and maybe I could turn those into a narrative of some sort.

“Sure, I’d like that,” he said. “I’d feel special.”

I was a little surprised because some teenagers avoid the spotlight like it’s the last place on earth they’d want to be (I shouldn’t have been surprised — he’s a little bit of a ham like his father).

“But I’m not very interesting,” he added.

Well, I don’t agree. But I believe there’s a good story in every life (in a good writer’s hands anyway).

So what do you think, dear readers? Is there a story among the posts about my encounters with mothering my Adored stepson that people might be interested in reading?


2 responses to “Fodder for a book?

  1. As a step mother I think your idea is a great one and since you have the blessing of the most important person, I’d say go for it.

  2. If he is a willing subject, I concur.

    Uncle Lee

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