Purple abomination

Some pretty purple plums at the market last week spoke to me. “We’d be delicious grilled,” they said.

So I picked ’em up and waited for an opportunity to have my Beloved throw them on the grill after he’d made some sort of carnivore’s delight. I only had to wait until today. Caswell, who is learning the art of grilling from his father, set the halved plums on the barbecue grill and proceeded as instructed.

I was so looking forward to a sweet dessert!


I topped the plums with freshly made whipped cream, and I luxuriated in my first bite. It started out sweet but about three chews in, all I was tasting was burnt wood. And whipped cream. Not a good combination.

So disappointing.

Grilling lesson: Don’t overcook the stone fruit.

3 responses to “Purple abomination

  1. Da hubby and Jr. Beloved.

    For the record, (one of Minnesota Transplant’s Favorite pre-statements) they were cooked perfectly by Jr. Beloved. The issue and audience advice is to use a gas grill and not a charcoal grill when preparing any type of grill fruit…..It was a nice thought though Honey. For the Record!

  2. That is sooo disappointing. I was savoring these along with you until the last paragraph. Take out pit first? Or do you have a wood burning BBQ?

    • It wasn’t the pit — it was the wood smoke from the grill. Should have been a gas grill, I guess. I think the skin — being purple — hid how burnt it was, so I didn’t know until chewing it a bit. Alas.

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