Riding high

“I could really use a lift.”

Overheard in most circumstances, this would mean, “Can I get a ride somewhere?”

At my house, however, “lift” means a lot more than a commitment of a few minutes and a couple of dollars of gas.

It means enough steel that a forklift is required to lift it, two men spending all day on an installation and the sacrifice of the third stall of the garage:


Why, yes, they do install four-post auto lifts in residential neighborhoods. And yes, this equipment is so very, very necessary when Dad is angling to spend more time with his 18-year-old son and Son is planning complicated repairs/modifications/improvements to his vehicles and ones yet to be invested in.

underside of a car

Fascinating, isn’t it, the soft underbelly of a Passat?

Such a contraption allows one to see secret things normally only mechanics witness. Like the underside of a car.

When he was shopping for said lift, my Beloved asked the salesperson if he could trust it to be safe when his pride and joy was under it.

“You mean an expensive sports car?” the salesman asked.

“No, I mean my only son.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure, totally safe. We certify it.”

Me? While my men are spending time getting greasy in the garage, I get lots of free time to indulge in ridiculous endeavors like blogging and trolling for “Star Trek” related trailers and videos on You Tube (have you seen the Audi commercial starring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, aka Original Spock and Young Spock? Brilliant!).


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