I said “shams” not “sham”

Remember the “Far Out Space Nuts”?

The Sid and Marty Krofft television show was one of Bob Denver’s 1975 attempts to capitalize on his “Gilligan Island’s” fame. He played Junior, a “seemingly dim-witted but uniquely clever maintenance worker employed by NASA,” who was accidentally sent into space. The premise relied on this memorable line yelled by Junior’s grumpy co-worker, Barney:

“I said ‘lunch’ not ‘launch’!”

How’s that for a lead to a story about a gift from my mother-in-law? She made me some new pillow shams to match the quilt I won a couple of years ago. I’m not faking you out — she really made them! This is not a shams sham.

photo shams

The design of the quilt is is “Stars Over Llano,” a well-known Star of Texas design quilted by the fine ladies of Llano Grande resort. For the story about winning the quilt, click here.

The quilt is now on the bed in the guest room (we repainted that room last year — for the story of that makeover, click here), so these beautiful shams grace the pillows in there (where the bed is usually made).

Oh, my stars. I think it looks out of this world. Far out.

One response to “I said “shams” not “sham”

  1. They look great!

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