A runner’s closet

The best home organization techniques are created to streamline everyday activities.

So while folding and stacking a pile of T-shirts, for example, is organization and feels like renewal, it’s only truly useful if one can keep the pile of T-shirts folded and organized.

I’m excited that the organization I implemented today might make my morning routine easier.

While my mother-in-law was instructing my stepdaughter on the nuances of making cabbage rolls this afternoon (I refused to carry on the tradition, but my stepdaughter was up to the task), I cleaned the upstairs bathroom and organized my bedroom closet.

organized running gear

These metal baskets from Clever Container have been put into service holding my workout gear:

  • Basket 1: Athletic bras and sweat socks.
  • Basket 2: Baseball hats, including my running hats.
  • Basket 3: T-shirts, rolled.
  • Basket 4: Running shorts, rolled.
  • Basket 5: Long-sleeve Ts, yoga pants and sweat pants.

The baskets are the perfect size to fit on my closet shelves, and you’ll note I can label them if desired.

Previously, I wandered from bedroom dresser to closet looking for wearable gear. If my Beloved was still sleeping, I was forced to use a flashlight or turn on the light (eek!) to find appropriate underthings and socks.

Now, however, with all my exercise gear in one place, I can assemble an inspiring outfit in my lighted closet. I’m counting on the fact that rolling my clothes instead of folding them will keep them organized when I’m washing and sorting.

I created this system based on a tip from a recent issue of Runner’s World magazine which encouraged storing all one’s running gear in one place. I don’t store any of my shoes in my bedroom closet — they are all stored in the entryway closet since I don’t wear shoes in the house. But someone else might create another bin to store shoes, headbands, mp3 players and headlamps.

3 responses to “A runner’s closet

  1. Genius! I’m moving shortly, but when I get to my new place I think I’ll need a system like this.

  2. Looks amazing! Nice job!

  3. I commented on a different blog this evening, and was reminded via email that I commented on your “29 cent chopsticks” post a long time ago.

    You must never forget that tape or that post 🙂

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