Stuff happens

It’s been a weird day, and while I’d like to be eloquent, I’m not sure I have the energy.

Like the rest of the sane citizenry of this earth, I’m shocked by the bombing in Boston yesterday, but as a recreational jogger, I’m really confused: Why would anyone target runners? Runners bug no one except an occasional territorial dog and drivers who can’t share country back roads.

I’m grasping for answers to “Why?” but there are no rational answers for irrational acts.

Other weird stuff is going down in the business world — more crazy machinations over which I have almost no control. I’m feeling really bad for people being treated like commodities.

Closer to home, I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Control freaks don’t like feeling out of control.

I think I need to exert my power over a small thing I can control: I think I’ll clean out my purse. Those receipts won’t know what hit them.

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