Looking for answers in all the wrong places

Google is indeed a strange beast.

After writing a personal blog for more than four years about whatever interests me on a given day, I’ve assembled a wide-ranging database here on Minnesota Transplant for Google to sift but I am still sometimes amused by the far-out search engine terms that bring people here:

— “food engineer comics.” Huh?
— “manicure and pedicure funny clip art”
— “gay rant ‘it takes a village people'”

But here’s my favorite search engine term that brought a reader here in the past month: “is my wife covert aggressive.”

Oh, Lordy Lordy, I hope not.


4 responses to “Looking for answers in all the wrong places

  1. Nice ones! I should check out mine, but I am sort of scared now 🙂

  2. Okay one of mine is “russian boys swimming” – this is creepy!

  3. Covert Aggressive? Is that Spy like moves under the covers?
    or is it pinching your wife’s butt when she’s not looking? Really I know what it is. It’s the nastiest form of individual and almost as bad as a physically abusive person.

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