Stepmill vs. treadmill

My local Snap Fitness recently installed a stepmill, the sort of stair stepping machine that is a mini revolving staircase. One actually has to lift one’s foot from one step to the next, unlike a stair climber with two revolving foot plates.

I’ve given it a try the past two weeks, and I’m hooked! I sweat more and feel like I’m working harder than I do on the treadmill. Yesterday when all the treadmills were full briefly, I used the stepmill for 10 minutes and then switched to the treadmill for 20 minutes, and the treadmill, even at 6 mph, felt like a break!

Added bonus: Since I’m bouncing less, I can actually read a book while using the stepmill (Lorna Landvik has never been more of a sweet distraction!).

According to the stepmill’s own calculations, I can cover a mile in 10 minutes (I have no idea how distance is calculated — I’ve traversed the height of the Empire State Building many times over now). I have to run at 6 mph to cover that distance on the treadmill, and I don’t do that often enough.

Today, I also hit the weight machines, and I can barely type this blog entry now. Pathetic.


3 responses to “Stepmill vs. treadmill

  1. Your hooked,,,,damn,,,, I thought this would be torture since I’ve been working out with you. Stairway to heaven….?,,,

  2. Emily @ runningmyliferace

    I loved reading on the step mill…I could go pretty slow, read for a hour and sweat buckets upon buckets! It was great, and of course, you totally feel it the next day, so you definitely aren’t slacking!

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