50 shades of aqua

“That looks baby blue to me.”

“It’s not baby blue! It’s aqua.”

“It’s blue.”

“That’s blue,” I said, pointing to our guest bathroom on the main floor in Pittsburgh Paints’ Graceful. “This has green in it.”

“I think it’s baby blue,” my Beloved said as he surveyed the swathes of paint on the walls in the upstairs bath.

“It’s called Mint. Mint has green in it,” I insisted.

We’re tackling another paint job here at Minnesota Transplant’s house, and along with sanding dust, there’s dissent in the air.

We’re getting rid of the sage green accents and dingy white walls in the upstairs bathroom with the intent of adopting a pretty cocoa-and-aqua color scheme.

Only my version of aqua is more bluish than his is.

Apparently, aqua is not a black-and-white issue.

“Words are always approximate for mystery.”

~Krista Tippett, host of “On Being”



5 responses to “50 shades of aqua

  1. I recommend Pantone PMS 320.

  2. Maybe it’s teal…

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