A new indulgence, no questions asked

My Schwan’s man stopped by today for the first time in nearly three months, and I greeted him at the door with, “It’s so good to see you!” As he handed me the latest catalog/menu planner, I asked, “What’s new?”

“Well, the chicken strips you like are $2 off. And we have two new flavors of ice cream.”

“Great, I’ll take the chicken strips. What are the new ice cream flavors?”

“Ah, salted caramel–”

“I’ll take it!”

He scurried off to gather my delicious frozen foods while I scribbled a check. When he returned, he stammered, “Um, when I said ‘salted caramel,’ I neglected to mention ‘cashews.’ It’s Salted Caramel Cashew flavor. Is that OK?”

In a microsecond, what flashed through my mind was “it’s Schwan’s ice cream,” “Schwan’s is delicious,” “creamy ice cream,” “sweet caramel,” “I’m not allergic to nuts” and “who could turn away any flavor of Schwan’s ice cream?”

All that remained unspoken. Instead, I smiled and said, “You had me at ‘salted caramel.'”


3 responses to “A new indulgence, no questions asked

  1. But what was the second flavor???

    • I didn’t get that far. (I’m sure it’s creamy and delicious, though.) By the way, I enjoyed a bowl of Salted Caramel Whatever in one of my new ice cream bowls. Yum!

  2. Goodness! That sounds delicious!! You should definitely put Talenti brand salted caramel gelato on your list. They sell it at gas stations of all places and I find it irresistible!

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